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Re: [IP] Going low


This time I used the glucose tablets that I had in the car, but just last
week I drove home just feeling tired. I had a rough day at school so I
thought I should be tired. I pulled in my driveway and came in the house.
When I shut the door behind me, I couldn't remember how I got home. I checked
it and it was 34!!! But I drove home very well. I DO  usually check it
everytime I drive, but I was only five minutes from the house. I didn't have
the girls with me. I know these are not good excuses, believe me! My Mom was
killed by a drunk driver who swore he was just fine. I would hate to think I
hurt someone being careless.
I did leave the store, still swearing that day. Everyone was looking at me
but I didn't see the big deal, of course. I told Randy one night he was a
SOB. He didn't know what was wrong and we were too new to the relationship
for him to know any better. God, was he pissed at me. He knew he didn't do
anything. I told him I was sorry later but it took him awhile to believe me.
But now he sure knows the signs.