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Re: [IP] Kudos, Michael, but...

Pumpers, old & new:
     Suggestion: if you know anyone else subscribed to this list, consider
asking him/her to forward to you those e-mails which offer interesting hints
worth sharing.  I agree there's a lot of "extraneous input" on here
sometimes, but hidden within those anecdotes are some excellent "gems".
      And were it not for these candid, sincere "true confessions" available
here, I doubt some of the newer pumpers would have taken the plunge into
these apparently "unchartered waters"!!!!
      My almost 15 yr old daughter is extremely proud & "honored" when I tell
her I've gotten e-mails from people in other states who were inspired enough
by her story & Lily's (Michael's daughter) & Elissa's (Judy's daughter) and
the others quoted on this site ("Kids who Pump Insulin" page) to DEMAND
insulin pump therapy for their children too and  who are  now incredulous at
how dramatically it's improved the quality of life for their entire family!!!
      So keep those "empowering" hints and success stories coming!!!

       Renee (aka Melissa's "pump-coach/cheerleader")