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Re: [IP] RE: Meters again/sliding scale

On  3 Dec 97 at 22:48, James C. Pryor wrote:

> Has anyone been sought out by the AccuChek people asking if you want a
> "free" Advantage meter?  I was about a month ago and they sent the thing
> wiht 50 strips. I love my Lifescan as well, even had to replce the thing a
> couple of times (easy to lose).
> ----------

They called me about the same time and the meter arrived a couple of 
weeks later.  It's just another way of getting you to try their meter 
and hopefully switch.  The cost to make a meter is almost nothing 
compared to the continous cash flow they get from regular strip 
users.  My CDE has a whole stack of meters  from various companies 
just sitting in her office to give to new patients - all the 
companies want long-term customers.  

Randall Winchester

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