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[IP] pump-awareness

To all:
Just a thought.  In the last 2 weeks I had been asked to speak at a small
Medical seminar at the local HMO office, and also at the local college in
front of a nursing class.  Anyway, I have been simply amazed at the
"unawareness" regarding the pump; but each time I left I felt exctatic that
I have made more people aware.  They asked me medical and practical
questions, and I showed them the pump and how it worked.  I was having a
ball too!!  So, the meaning of this little note would be......if we all
started becoming advocates for the pump, maybe we can increase the
awareness.  I am going to contact the surrounding schools and talk to their
medical departments.  I think I am having such a good time doing this, I
figure what the heck!
Any suggestions?