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Re: [IP] sponsorship

Hey!!  please send me some information or forward a telephone number for
the JDF fundraiser.  I would love to get involved with that!
Thanks for the sponsorship help and I will keep you posted.


At 01:58 AM 12/4/97 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-12-03 23:58:30 EST, you write:
>>I think it was you who told me about "PowerBar" being your sponsor for
>>running marathons.  Was it?  I'll take my chance and continue.  I would
>>love to try and get Lilly to sponsor me since I am using Lispro in my pump
>>and having a great experience.  How did you go about getting your sponsor?
>>I am in a program from the Leukemia Society called Team in Training.  You
>>run and raise money in honor of a patient and you travel to all different
>>marathons.  The society provides you with coaches, nutritionists, and much
>>more.  Since it is my 4th year I am getting stuck on my fundraising
>>techniques. ($1000-$3500 depending on which marathon)  Anyhow, I think it
>>would be great if I could somehow swing in Lilly to help me.  Any
>>suggestions from anybody?
>It was me, and I wrote letters, letters, letters to the companies of products
>I was using. I have received support/sponsorship for my competitive running
>from several companies. I haven't had as much success in the "fund raising
>area. Its interesting that you are involved in the Leukemia
>fundraising/marathon travel opportunity. It is a great idea and I know it
>works as I have several running buddies also involved. FYI.... I am involved
>in a JDF Phila. "SUN-RUN" where we are recruiting individuals for active fund
>raising to qualify for a March '98 cruize/5k race/walk in the Virgin
>Islands..similar to the Leukemia fund raiser. If you, with the help of the
>JDF, can raise $3,000 dollars in the name of a person/family member with
>diabetes for the JDF, then your trip is free. Its has been very popular
and we
>are really promoting it locally. If anyone is interested, let me know! 
>As far as contacting Lilly, I would approach the local rep with your request
>and get the name of the national community relations manager and foward a
>letter directly to that person or have the local rep or regional group rep
>involved. The only issue that I 
>would question(from Lilly's point of view) is they are in the diabetes market
>and your asking them to donate to Leukemia. It won't hurt to try as they are
>supporting you and you are someone with diabetes. Good Luck!!
>Bill King