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[IP] What happened here....any ideas?

Hi, I have been lurking here for a few weeks and I had some problems last
night that I can't figure out. (to those of you who know me, feel free to
delete now....it is that weird body syndrome again! 8-)
I am using the MM 506 with the QR softsets and humalog. I have recently
been having problems with bent cannulas and am getting help addressing that
problem (a *Santa Claus* is sending me a soft-serter) Yesterday my BGs were
cooperative, between 88-150 all day. At 9:30pm after two hrs of fairly
strenous dancing my BG was 112. I had my normal snack and bolus at 10:30pm,
at 12mn BG was 269 and 288(checked twice because I was shocked) 
I decided that it must be a bent cannula (again!), decided to change the
set, it was not bent though, hmmm. I was really tired, but afraid to go to
bed with BG that high. Decided to take an injection of 2 units and set the
alarm for 2:30am. At 2:30 BG was 233....the injection didn't work?? I
decided to bolus 2 units, maybe the infusion line was partially clogged?
Reset the alarm for 4:30am, BG was 182......where is this insulin going??
I found out at 7:30am upon waking.....BG at 41!! Is it possible that the
humalog is experiencing a delayed absorption time?...this happen to anyone
Any ideas?
Thanks for listening!
email @ redacted