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Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

I have had 2 angiograms and 2 angioplasties when I first went on the pump.
 The best thing that happened to me was better bs control than I had ever had
while hospitalized.  I controled my pump and did my own testing.  If I was
unable to test I just requested that a nurse do the test.  You are probably
better off with local anesthesia for the above reasons.  Also, while I was
fasting I set a lower temp basal rate and let my bs rise to about 140 instead
of below 100 -- just to be safe.

At one point my cardiologist was talking about coronary by-pass surgery.  I
love my pump so much that the Diabetes Nurse Educator and I were making plans
to educate the Or personnel to allow me to stay on the pump for that

Good Luck