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Re: [IP] sponsorship

In a message dated 97-12-03 23:58:30 EST, you write:

>I think it was you who told me about "PowerBar" being your sponsor for
>running marathons.  Was it?  I'll take my chance and continue.  I would
>love to try and get Lilly to sponsor me since I am using Lispro in my pump
>and having a great experience.  How did you go about getting your sponsor?
>I am in a program from the Leukemia Society called Team in Training.  You
>run and raise money in honor of a patient and you travel to all different
>marathons.  The society provides you with coaches, nutritionists, and much
>more.  Since it is my 4th year I am getting stuck on my fundraising
>techniques. ($1000-$3500 depending on which marathon)  Anyhow, I think it
>would be great if I could somehow swing in Lilly to help me.  Any
>suggestions from anybody?

It was me, and I wrote letters, letters, letters to the companies of products
I was using. I have received support/sponsorship for my competitive running
from several companies. I haven't had as much success in the "fund raising
area. Its interesting that you are involved in the Leukemia
fundraising/marathon travel opportunity. It is a great idea and I know it
works as I have several running buddies also involved. FYI.... I am involved
in a JDF Phila. "SUN-RUN" where we are recruiting individuals for active fund
raising to qualify for a March '98 cruize/5k race/walk in the Virgin
Islands..similar to the Leukemia fund raiser. If you, with the help of the
JDF, can raise $3,000 dollars in the name of a person/family member with
diabetes for the JDF, then your trip is free. Its has been very popular and we
are really promoting it locally. If anyone is interested, let me know! 

As far as contacting Lilly, I would approach the local rep with your request
and get the name of the national community relations manager and foward a
letter directly to that person or have the local rep or regional group rep get
involved. The only issue that I 
would question(from Lilly's point of view) is they are in the diabetes market
and your asking them to donate to Leukemia. It won't hurt to try as they are
supporting you and you are someone with diabetes. Good Luck!!

Bill King