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Re: [IP] Kaiser paying for the pump

So far (last 6 months) they seem to be better.  Once a dr.  decides you really
need something, they contest it less and they don't have general "case nurses" in
some bureacratic office who deny everything at least 2x before you discover they
think you are asking for something else.  I found someone (nurse practitioner in
Martinez,CA who seems to be the only Kaiser person in the SF Bay Area (I find
this hard to really believe but three people have now said this) who knows the
daily stuff.  Supposed;y there is also an endo in Pleasanton (about 60 miles and
an hour and a half in pretty heavy traffic away from Martinez) who knows pumps
medically but will send you to the nurse practitioner for doses, etc -- ie
anything practical.  This woman (who I just talked to but who wears a pump
herself) also does all the ordering for pump and diabetic supplies for all the
Kaiser doctors in the Bay Area (again, I don't really see how she could handle
this much but that's what they said).  My pcp just sets me up with her, she does
all the ordering and sends it back the pcp doctor for signature.  Hm...  Seems a
bit crazy but so far less bureacratic than Blue Cross, Prudential or Aetna.


email @ redacted wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone out there is covered by Kaiser Permanente. How are
> they on pescribing the pump and paying for the supplies?  I have decided to
> "join the club" and get a pump, but I want to know what kind of battle I am
> in for with the insurance company.  I already know that I am going to lose my
> internist because she is too conservative, but I am going to request a
> referral to an endo. You folks have been great and have really helped me
> cleaned up my act  when it comes to regain control. Now I am ready for that
> tighter grip on this disease.  Any comments will be welcome.
> ~DD
> email @ redacted