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Re: [IP] Going low

All I can say is "right on"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After pumping for ten years
and having diabetes for 19 years, I get just a little bit tired of how I get
treated because of it (even though I am also a Board Certified Psychiatrist
and did pretty well in medical school).  
My real beef, however, is people lumping types I and II together, "Oh my
aunt Jean had diabetes, she was soo FAT!"  We  type Is have a different
illness and need to be treated differently.  Fortunately I feel I am by my
diabetologist.  Okay, that's enough whinning.
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> Subject: Re: [IP] Going low 
> Date: Wed, 3 Dec 97 19:17:06 +0000 
>Hey ya'll...I'm going to rant for a minute against mankind in
>with me, or just delete now.
>It is great for our friends and family to "understand" our moods and
>crankiness and irritability, and just chalk it up to our "affliction.
> However, MOST of them don't understand what is required...ie give me a
>NOW dammit.  And what really drives me nuts is when I am JUST moody, cranky
>or irritable and it has NOTHING to do with diabetes.  I might just have had
>s*****y day - we ARE allowed to have those, aren't we?  Or did I miss that
>rule when my BS was low??
>It used to drive me NUTS when  my mom or dad would ask me, "is your sugar
>ok?" when I was having a "mood."  Granted, a lot of those moods in the 70s
>and early 80s were probably caused by wildly swing sugars cuz peeing in a
>to test my sugar was not a thing I did regularly or with any pleasure, BUT
>And they still use it...(buddy - you can tell him how aggravating it is 8-)
>  Now when I check (7-9 times a day - Profile one touch), I always
>"hey, I'm normal." when I am around them - just so they KNOW, I am just in
>MOOD and not having a "sugar attack" or whatever they chose to call it -
>DESPITE all the education on the subject that have received.
>And on another subject, just how many times do I have to explain the laser
>and retinopathy thing to my loved ones - I have had laser literally DOZENS
>times and every time they ask the same questions, the same gossip floats
>around my family, as if they have nothing better to talk about than Sara
>her diabetUS (that is how they insist on pronouncing it...)
>Back to others being aware of our "condition."  For good or bad, I am glad
>shows like ER have had characters with diabetes - but the pregnant girl on
>who was too stupid to even draw up her own shot???!  please - that is not
>image I would like people to have...or the story that ran last year about a
>doctor having a low during a surgery or something.  Heck, chaarcters pull
>cell phones, or baby wipes etc. all the time.  Why not have one whip out a
>meter, poke his or her finger and test - as an actor it would be a
>to keep going - but WE manage to do it...I have done it on the subway, on
>corner, in restaurants, whereever I needed to do it.  I have gotten out of
>bed during intimate moments (DON'T TELL MY DAD THIS PART BUDDY) and checked
>my blood.  I am expert at doing it driving down the highway and can do it
>the dark now thanks to the little lite on my MM507.  99% of the people I
>in contact with these days would have NO Clue what was happening or what to
>do - in fact most of them probably wouldn't even notice the Medic Alert
>bracelet I have worn for the last ???years...Living in NYC, if I was passed
>out somewhere, they'd steal it and my wallet, and later, going though it,
>maybe realize I had diabetes..like it mattered.  Then I'd get hauled off
>vagrancy and having no ID, no one would know what to do.  Just another
>incentive to try and keep myself healthy, I guess...
>I do not hide my pump.  If I am dressed up and have no pockets, I can clip
>to my undergarments, but despite what others say, it still shows on me.
> Normally  I wear it on my waistband, where most people think it is a
>with an antennae, but if they ask...I whip it out...most people are curious
>and intrigues...THEY HAVE BEEEN AROUND for almost 20 years haven't they?
> Everyone knows what chemo therapy is, everyone knows what AZT is for, most
>people can pronouce artherosclerosis....I cna't even spell it...so why
>they know how diabetes works.  HELLO WE ARE A BUTT LOAD OF PEOPLE.  Why
>we been pushed behind the door like this???
>Both my neice (4.5) and nephew (7) are interested in my "toys - Sam since
>was 3 years old.  Both have tested my sugars and their own.  Both have
>watched me do shots and set up the pump.  Sam asked me one day if some guy
>walking by had on a pump too...it was just a beeper - so if a 7 year old
>be aware, ANYONE can!
>As for sleeping - since I am single, I sleep alone..most of the time (ALL
>THE TIME for buddy who will be telling my dad what I write), and my pump
>sleeps right next to me - it is like my arm, I always know where it is, I
>tangled up with it at first, but haven't in a long while.  Even in th3e
>middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink or
>test I can just put my hand out...and there it is - right where I left it.
> On those rare occassions when I am not alone (Buddy - this is just a
>OK?), it has never FREAKED anyone out to be attached - one has been ripped
>out, but I must say at the time, I felt no pain.  And thanks to the tender,
>it is OH so simple to just unhook and be FREEEEEEEEEE.
>OK.  I am done.  My bs just in case you want to know is 114.  My drug of
>choice today is caffeine.
>Thanks for listening.  Buddy - I am serious about not letting me dad know
>THAT part~!   For those interested...buddy lives down the road from  my dad
>and introduced me to this list .  He's a cool guy!
>Sara Falconer
>dxed 4/74, MM506 3/93, MM507 3/97
>email @ redacted
>"Do or do not...there is no try".....................Yoda