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[IP] sponsorship

Bill King:
I think it was you who told me about "PowerBar" being your sponsor for
running marathons.  Was it?  I'll take my chance and continue.  I would
love to try and get Lilly to sponsor me since I am using Lispro in my pump
and having a great experience.  How did you go about getting your sponsor?
I am in a program from the Leukemia Society called Team in Training.  You
run and raise money in honor of a patient and you travel to all different
marathons.  The society provides you with coaches, nutritionists, and much
more.  Since it is my 4th year I am getting stuck on my fundraising
techniques. ($1000-$3500 depending on which marathon)  Anyhow, I think it
would be great if I could somehow swing in Lilly to help me.  Any
suggestions from anybody?