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Re: [IP] I woke up this morning

I could not explain your highs, but I disaggree with Bill.  I have been
told that many diabetics have a Dawn Phenomena, which requires an
elevated basal rate during the night.  Mine kicks in at 2:00 am and
lasts until 6:00 am at 1.4 U/hr.  My daytime basals are between 0.7 and
0.8 U/hr.  Taking some night-time tests certainly is a good way to try
to identify the causes for your morning highs.

BKINGB wrote:

> Eric,
>  What do(did) you eat prior to going to bed? Why is your night time
> basil rate
> consistantly higher than any thru the day? I would expect the
> night-time basil
> to be lower. For example, I maintain a basil rate of 0.4 from 22:00hrs
> until
> 03:00hrs, 0.6 from 03:00hrs until 06:00hrs, 0.8 from 06:00 until
> 07:00, this
> is when I get up(06:00), then 0.9 from 07:00 until 09:00 and back down
> to 0.5
> by 17:00 . One thing I have done to verify my basil rate at night is
> fasting
> checks throughout the night. Don't eat prior to bedtime and wake every
> hour to
> check. Especially on humalog. One explanation for your high morning BG
> may be
> due to a rebound from a mid nightime low BG. Your body's reaction to a
> low is
> to manufacture glycogen to combat it. This ability to release glycogen
> may be
> what is varying and your riding too low through the night?? The only
> way to
> verify this is to check it out. Maybe someone else has an opinion and
> can
> comment, but I would define your basil rates to insure they are
> correct. I
> hope this helps you.
> Bill King