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Re: [IP] left-over insulin in infusion line

Ernie Garcia wrote
> >Remember 1/2 unit per inch of infusion line.
> >email @ redacted
> >
> >------------------------------
> Hello,
> I have a question about this comment from Michael.
> I keep the small portion, from the QR, to the body-of the old site in for
> about 24hours, probably. Or at least until I'm confident that the new site
> is working well.

The only insulin that is of interest when you change your set is that 
which has been recently infused.

The insulin in the line in 'not for you'.  Remember, the line was 
full when you applied the set, it must be full when you remove the 
set or you get 21 units of EXTRA insulin.

The insulin that was recently infused (bolus or basal) needs time to 
be absorbed before you remove the set else you risk some of it 
'leaking' out when you pull the needle/sof-set (whatever) off.

The old set only need remain installed for the absorbtion time of the 
insulin you are using.  2 hours for Humalog, 4 hours for 

email @ redacted