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[IP] left-over insulin in infusion line

>Remember 1/2 unit per inch of infusion line.
>email @ redacted
I have a question about this comment from Michael.

I'm a little concerned about the insulin (Humalog, in my case) left in my
infusion line (42") when I change over to a new site.

Doesn't this "short" me about 20 units whenever I change to a new set?

I seem to be high for a few hours consistently after a set change.

Will this explain it?

How do you get the rest of the insulin in the old tubing into you?

I keep the small portion, from the QR, to the body-of the old site in for
about 24hours, probably. Or at least until I'm confident that the new site
is working well.

Ernie garcia
email @ redacted
MM 507-pumping Humalog for ~1 month now, QR soft-set

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