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Re: [IP] Diasensor: a scam?


Do you remember a few years back when a fellow by the name of Al Snitkof
(I think that was his name) invited (via the Internet) all interested
diabetics to phone him and get a completely free dream beam machine? It
was for "testing" purposes, as I recall. Fool that I am, I called the
number and supposedly talked to his wife. Many, many of us on the Lehigh
list called and left our names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Of course
nothing ever materialized out of this, and we never heard from this guy
again. He supposedly fell ill and so was unable to put the finishing
touches on his miracle gadget. 

Someone on Lehigh at the time speculated that what Snitkof was doing was
gathering names, addresses, and phone numbers, which he was going to sell
to a company interested in getting a list of diabetics. According to the
person who advanced this theory, there's big money in lists of names,
addresses, and phone numbers targeted toward "special interest"
groups. I don't know if this is true, but none of us could think of any
other motivation this guy might have had for the ruse he pulled on all of

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