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Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

When I had my vitrectomy and cataract surgery a couple years ago, my pump
stayed BY MY SIDE.  Everyone was instructed to keep away from it, since I
trust other people (like nurses), with my life about as far as I can throw
them (nothing personal to you nurses on this list...but I have encountered
some true IDJITS)  

For the vitrectomy I had the full anesthesia, I checked my blood sugar about
every 15 minutes for 2 hours before the surgery, and knew I was holding
stable with the basals I had set.  BE SURE THEY DON'T GIVE YOU A SUGAR WATER
IV!  They just plugged me in and I asked..."what is that?"  and she said it
had glucose in it for one reason or another).  I said NO WAY - and they used
a plain water one.  I don't remember what that was for.  Anyway, I also knew
the surgery wasn't going to be longer than a couple of hours max, so no
matter what my body decided to dump, I figured I'd be OK during the surgery. 

Sooo, I had permission to have my sister join  me as soon as I went into the
recovery room.  When I was cognizant, (and between vomit attacks, due to the
violent reaction I had to the anesthesia...something to consider), my sister
put the poker in my hand, I poked and squeezed, she aimed the strip under the
blood and then told me what the reading was (since at this point my eyes were
completely bandaged.)  I then told her what to administer insulin-wise thru
my pump.  She checked every 20 minutes or so, and as expected, the stress was
making me go up, even though I hadn't eaten a thing in HOURS, so we bolused
cautiously, and checked frequently,  trying to keep between 120-165.

When my sister left, I let the nurses do the same thing with the meter. NO
ONE was gonna mess with my pump, and my doctor approved of all that.  I
suppose if I was unconscious someone else would have had to do it, but I
would have known and would have arranged for someone CAPABLE of not screwing
me up.

For the cataract, they wanted to take it off me, cuz it would conduct
electricity or something since it had a needle in it.  I didn't let them.
 Said I'd rather die of electrocution than DKA (plus I was fine with the
vitrectomy).  I only had a local this time and it knocked me out pretty good
anyway.  At the end I had one eye still working perfectly so I continued to
do all my tests etc.  Same thing with bs rising after the surgery going up
even though I was fasting.

PROFESSION, I am sure there are some decent caring EDUCATED folks out there.
 I have just run into a VERY few of them in my experience.  Fortunately one
of my best friends is also a CDE and a diabetic on a pump, so I have access
to someone with training and experience in case I need 'em

Sara Falconer
Do or do not....there is no Try..........Yoda