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Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

> How do you manage the pump, insulin and
> blood sugars when you are out?  I also assume that I won't be eating
> much that day and when I do, it will be of the runny type.  Any
> suggestions?

No first hand experience, but I have a friend who is an 
anesthesiologist.  He say he's happy with diabetcs who have bg's 
around 200 while under.  That way he does not have to worry about low 
bg's or shock because of insulin related problems.  Higher is OK too, 
but under 200 makes him nervous.  This is not 'easy way out' 
mentality.  The guy is good and he has seen some real problems with 
low bg's during surgery.

Free advise is worth what you pay for it!

Hope this helps, 

email @ redacted