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Re: [IP] RE: Meters again/sliding scale

Sliding scale is a way to adjust the amount of insulin you take based on your
current blood sugar.   I do it like this.  (Blood Glucose) less 100 divided
by 50.   So in other words, for every 50 mg/dL I am above 100, I take 1 extra
unit of insulin with my before meal insulin dose.  Most doctors write it out,
for example, blood glucose of 100 to 150, add 1 unit of insulin extra ( or
take 5 units total).  Something like that.  And I get a little fancier.
 Before 9 AM, I divide by 40, after, I divide by 60.  This is more suited to
my body, which seems to be a little insulin resistant in the morning, and
less so in the afternoon.

As for the One Touch, I use the Profile.  All of the strips for all of the
meters are prohibitively expensive.  And they all run about the same, for the
most part.  Around $60 for 100 strips.  This of course varies by sales
promotions and store.  But I would guess that is about average.  I love the
profile - you can use it to store more info than just blood sugars.  It will
store the type and amount of insulin dose, in tenths for a bolus, in whole
numbers for MI.  It will also store carbs.  I don't think all this is
download-able at this time, but I feel that there is a program in
developement that would allow you to download this info onto your computer.
 At this time, you can at least download the blood sugars.  Many meters have
that option - but none of the others has the capapbility to manage data like
the Profile.  I really like it.  
: )

Good luck!