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Re: [IP] Diasensor: a scam?

Pricking ones finger is not all that difficult; however, when I am driving
down the highway and i begin to feel "funky", I would like to know
(naturally without stopping.....extremely impatient) if it is the triple
expresso I just had or my blood sugar is low.  I think it would be
wonderful to just touch a button and read my level.


At 10:08 AM 12/3/97 -0800, you wrote:
>To all interested,
>_Diabetes Interview_'s December issue has quite a lengthy and detailed 
>article entitled "Nothing to show for it" about the much-heralded
>Diasensor machine that was supposed to be able to provide accurate BG
>results without involving getting a drop of blood. The company that was
>developing it, Biocontrol Technology, Inc., of Indiana, PA, did not
>receive FDA approval for it. Although the company's CEO, Patrick Cooper,
>kept announcing that the gizmo was ready for production, tests confirmed
>that the Biosensor was no better than random chance at measuring BG
>levels. There is now a class action suit against the corporation in the US
>District Court in Pittsburgh charging the company with deliberately
>falsifying evidence presented to the FDA. Mr. Cooper and his cohorts at
>the top of the company were remunerated rather fabulously (ca $800,000 or
>up for the years 1994 and on) for a company that has yet to produce a
>gadget that can even come close to adquately measuring BG. 
>Some scientists doubt that a through-the-skin sensor to accurately assay
>BG level will ever be developed. It's difficult to make a machine that
>can sort out all the various "stuff" that circulates in blood, isolate
>one, and precisely measure it without getting a sample that can be put on
>something that will react with a specific substance, as today's BG meters
>_Diabetes Interview_ has had other articles on the no-stickum BG meter in
>previous issues. One man reported that he had spent his diabetic son's
>college savings fund to buy stock in one of the companies! This strikes me
>as really tragic. Is pricking one's finger with a tiny needle really all
>that difficult? 
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