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Re: [IP] Diasensor: a scam?

On  3 Dec 97 at 10:43, Michael wrote:

> > To all interested,
> > 
> > _Diabetes Interview_'s December issue has quite a lengthy and detailed 
> Ok, what about these guys??
> http://www.integonline.com/integ/common/htm/learn.htm
> Do you think they are for real??  We have a link on our the website. 
> If this is not technology that has a chance to work I want to remove 
> the link.  Comments??
> email @ redacted

Leave em on - they aren't asking for money (yet!) and this system 
does use a real technology for testing.  There are some other groups 
doing similar work with the intersticial fluid - even MiniMed's 
sensor works using that as far as I can tell from what little 
information I've seen on their insertable sensor.

Randall Winchester

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