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Re: [IP] RE: Meters again/sliding scale

I love my Lifescan onetouch profile - even though it needs more blood than my
medisense one.  They sent me the meter FREE - they know we are gonna go
through the strips which is where the real money is.  The case it comes in is
worthless and they have sent me 3 new ones in the past year.  It has a memory
of 250 tests and will average for the last 14 days and last 30 days.  It also
has a port (?) if you want to hook it up to your computer and download the
information to disucss it with your docctor...I don't

The number on the back of my meter is:  1 800-227-8862 but that is for US -
don't know if it'll work from NZ.  I got a card in the mail shortly after
getting my new 507 pump (3/97) - it asked if I wanted to try it out for free.
 SURE.  free is good, and I have stuck with it.

good luck

Sara Falconer
email @ redacted
"do or do not.....there is no try"...............Yoda