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Re: [IP] Going low

Hey ya'll...I'm going to rant for a minute against mankind in general...bear
with me, or just delete now.

It is great for our friends and family to "understand" our moods and
crankiness and irritability, and just chalk it up to our "affliction.
 However, MOST of them don't understand what is required...ie give me a snack
NOW dammit.  And what really drives me nuts is when I am JUST moody, cranky
or irritable and it has NOTHING to do with diabetes.  I might just have had a
s*****y day - we ARE allowed to have those, aren't we?  Or did I miss that
rule when my BS was low??

It used to drive me NUTS when  my mom or dad would ask me, "is your sugar
ok?" when I was having a "mood."  Granted, a lot of those moods in the 70s
and early 80s were probably caused by wildly swing sugars cuz peeing in a cup
to test my sugar was not a thing I did regularly or with any pleasure, BUT

And they still use it...(buddy - you can tell him how aggravating it is 8-) )
  Now when I check (7-9 times a day - Profile one touch), I always ANNOUNCE,
"hey, I'm normal." when I am around them - just so they KNOW, I am just in a
MOOD and not having a "sugar attack" or whatever they chose to call it -
DESPITE all the education on the subject that have received.

And on another subject, just how many times do I have to explain the laser
and retinopathy thing to my loved ones - I have had laser literally DOZENS of
times and every time they ask the same questions, the same gossip floats
around my family, as if they have nothing better to talk about than Sara and
her diabetUS (that is how they insist on pronouncing it...)

Back to others being aware of our "condition."  For good or bad, I am glad
shows like ER have had characters with diabetes - but the pregnant girl on ER
who was too stupid to even draw up her own shot???!  please - that is not an
image I would like people to have...or the story that ran last year about a
doctor having a low during a surgery or something.  Heck, chaarcters pull out
cell phones, or baby wipes etc. all the time.  Why not have one whip out a
meter, poke his or her finger and test - as an actor it would be a challenge
to keep going - but WE manage to do it...I have done it on the subway, on the
corner, in restaurants, whereever I needed to do it.  I have gotten out of
bed during intimate moments (DON'T TELL MY DAD THIS PART BUDDY) and checked
my blood.  I am expert at doing it driving down the highway and can do it in
the dark now thanks to the little lite on my MM507.  99% of the people I come
in contact with these days would have NO Clue what was happening or what to
do - in fact most of them probably wouldn't even notice the Medic Alert
bracelet I have worn for the last ???years...Living in NYC, if I was passed
out somewhere, they'd steal it and my wallet, and later, going though it,
maybe realize I had diabetes..like it mattered.  Then I'd get hauled off for
vagrancy and having no ID, no one would know what to do.  Just another
incentive to try and keep myself healthy, I guess...

I do not hide my pump.  If I am dressed up and have no pockets, I can clip it
to my undergarments, but despite what others say, it still shows on me.
 Normally  I wear it on my waistband, where most people think it is a beeper
with an antennae, but if they ask...I whip it out...most people are curious
and intrigues...THEY HAVE BEEEN AROUND for almost 20 years haven't they?
 Everyone knows what chemo therapy is, everyone knows what AZT is for, most
people can pronouce artherosclerosis....I cna't even spell it...so why don't
they know how diabetes works.  HELLO WE ARE A BUTT LOAD OF PEOPLE.  Why have
we been pushed behind the door like this???

Both my neice (4.5) and nephew (7) are interested in my "toys - Sam since he
was 3 years old.  Both have tested my sugars and their own.  Both have
watched me do shots and set up the pump.  Sam asked me one day if some guy
walking by had on a pump too...it was just a beeper - so if a 7 year old can
be aware, ANYONE can!

As for sleeping - since I am single, I sleep alone..most of the time (ALL OF
THE TIME for buddy who will be telling my dad what I write), and my pump
sleeps right next to me - it is like my arm, I always know where it is, I got
tangled up with it at first, but haven't in a long while.  Even in th3e
middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink or
test I can just put my hand out...and there it is - right where I left it.
 On those rare occassions when I am not alone (Buddy - this is just a dream,
OK?), it has never FREAKED anyone out to be attached - one has been ripped
out, but I must say at the time, I felt no pain.  And thanks to the tender,
it is OH so simple to just unhook and be FREEEEEEEEEE.

OK.  I am done.  My bs just in case you want to know is 114.  My drug of
choice today is caffeine.

Thanks for listening.  Buddy - I am serious about not letting me dad know
THAT part~!   For those interested...buddy lives down the road from  my dad
and introduced me to this list .  He's a cool guy!

Sara Falconer
dxed 4/74, MM506 3/93, MM507 3/97
email @ redacted
"Do or do not...there is no try".....................Yoda