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Re: [IP] Diasensor: a scam?

>Do you think they are for real??  We have a link on our the website.
>If this is not technology that has a chance to work I want to remove
>the link.  Comments??
>email @ redacted

    I learned about this company from my CDE and have been on their mailing
list for several months. I did talk to them on the phone at that time and
the device was not yet covered by insurance so I was not interested to pay
five or six hundred bucks out of pocket.
    They explained that the "keys" would cost about the same as the strips
and it requires a new key each time. As for are they legit or not your guess
is as good as mine. I'm still basking in the thrill of this pump technology.
Like Karla or Terri said the other day " they have put a man on Mars"
anything is possible.

Buddy '-)