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Re: [IP] Pumping and doctors

> Jay,
> I think the reason doctors may be shying away from pumps (if indeed they
> are; this factoid is news to me) is that there is no statistical evidence
> in the medical literature that pumps are any better than multiple
> injections at controlling diabetes. 
Not So!

The DCCT, while stating the the results were the same, also clearly 
stated that it was MUCH easier to maintain the control with a pump 
rather than MI.  The relates directly to better overall control. A 
large number of participants in the study used the pump 
because they were unable to consistently get the control they wanted 
with MI alone.  Now whether you consider this not to be statistically 
significant is another matter.  It appears to me that if the pump 
were NOT available, the results for those who chose to switch because 
they were having a hard time would have been worse.  Unfortunatly 
(only from a data collection standpoint) there was no group of 
individuals in the study who were forced to continue MI to see if 
their results were better/worse than those who switched.

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