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Re: [IP] Diasensor: a scam?


The article in _Diabetes Interview_ didn't mention any names; it just read
"Some researchers . . ." or "Some scientists . . " or something like that.
I'm sure you could find scientists/researchers who *do* think a no-stickum
BG meter is a possibility. From the evidence I've read, I do think the
Biosensor people are operating a scam, and apparently so does the FDA.
Despite the hoopla, the Biosensor poobahs haven't been able to show that
their gadget does any better than guessing at determining BG. :-{(

A bigger question, at least in my mind, is: why abandon a technology that
works, albeit imperfectly, unless the new technology promises something
better? So far it doesn't. I realize that it's no fun to stick one's
finger to get blood, but is it so big an ordeal that people should plunk
down money for a technology that so far has drawn a big fat zero? Those of
us who have been testing for quite a few years might remember the lancets
that were available when BG testing (visually read strips; no meters yet)
first became available in the late '70s. They were little narrow razor
blades! :-{( Things are a hell of a lot more comfortable now.

I can't comment on the link on the Web page. They may be legit for all I
know. But this particular niche of DM technology was so far had more than
its share of scam artists.

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