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Re: [IP] Pumping and doctors

> > I had a doctor visit today and all was well.  While talking, he
> > indicated that doctor's are shying away from pumps.  The reason for this
> > was the difficulty in getting trained back-ups for when the doctor trys
> > to be like a human.  It sounded quite strange to me, but I interpret it
> > that, in this area at least, the number of doctors prescribing pumps is
> > below critical mass.  Has anyone else heard of this tendency with
> > doctors?
> > Jay
> > 
> My doctor and CDE both said that I needed to be the primary 
> "controller" for the pump.  I've spent time talking to my doctor 
> about techniques, goals and strategies - and then he will ask what I 
> am going to do to change my rates, ratios or whatever.  They said 
> that this is because I am in posession of the pump continously and am 
> responsible for operating it and adapting it to my needs of the 
> moment.  I call them about every week to keep them posted of what I 
> am doing and discuss how things are working, and they are available 
> most of the time when I have a question.  They act more like 
> consultants who help me find solutions instead of giving me 
> instructions on what to do.   
This is the best answer I've ever seen on how the pump should be 
operated and who is in control.

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