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Re: [IP] RE: Meters again/sliding scale

On  3 Dec 97 at 21:42, Lynette Parker wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Have been lurking in the background over the past couple of weeks.  I am
> just enquiring into a glucose meter, which you may have already passed
> comments on.  I sent an email to Johnsons and Johnsons in the States (I
> am in New Zealand) and I received back today a pamphlet on the One Touch
> Profile testing meters.  They looked really impressive, does anybody use
> this one?  My husband who is IDD has been using the Advantage which has
> a memory and seems to be working fine, but I was interested to know
> would we be able to get this meter through J & J  and how would we
> purchase the testing strips.  Any ideas?  The pamphle did not mention
> the cost, could someone fill me in on this?

I use the One Touch Profile, and have used the Lifescan meters since 
they came out in the mid to early 80's.  I also have an Advantage 
that I use occaisionally.  The One Touch is friendlier to computer 
connections and here in Kentucky the strips are about two dollars a 
box of 100 cheaper than the Advantage test strips - the One Touch 
strips are around 52 dollars per hundred while the Advantage strips 
are about 54 dollars per hundred.  The prices may vary with your 
pharmacist or mail order company.  

> One other question please, if you don't count carbs. I have heard people
> mention the sliding scale, what is this please?

Sliding scale refers to taking additional insulin to cover high bg 
readings - like 1 unit between 140-200, 2 units from 200-250, 3 units 
form 250-300 etc.  Many people use a formula to calculate the extra 
insulin to cover a high bg.  

> Thanks for your help
> Lynette Parker
> (Wife of a IDD 20years, been on the trial pump on M/Med for 5 weeks now)
Randall Winchester

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