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Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George


Something doesn't smell right here ...

I do not know of any option when purchasing a Disetronic which allows you
to purchase only one pump. The purchase price is for the "whole ball of
wax" - two pumps, some supplies (different styles of infusion sets, clamps,
cartridges, etc) and manuals. I am also surprised that your insurer had the
ability to only get one pump. Did the pump come to you in a box labelled
Disetronic with literature, etc., or had the product been re-packaged?

There are some D reps on the list here who may be able to supply some

>Hey all..
>I just got shipment of my pump from my insurance company.  It's the
>H-Tron Disetronic.  I opened the box and there was only one pump in
>there.  I looked around, only 1 pump.  I call the insurance company and
>they said, "sorry we only cover 1 pump".. and I explained to them that
>Disetronic's big philosophy was to always give you two, and I guess
>their philosophy was to save money.. Is this cool? Has this ever
>happened to anyone that got the Disetronic?
Bob Burnett

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