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Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

On  2 Dec 97 at 13:05, Joan Stout wrote:

> One difference I haven't seen mentioned is the way basal insulin is
> delivered. With the D., you get basal insulin every 3 minutes, regardless
> of the size of your basal. The MM varies the time between basal infusions 
> and keeps the amount constant at .1 unit. At least, that was the case
> with the previous models. Has this changed? It probably doesn't make a
> lot of difference for people with large basal rates, and perhaps it
> doesn't make a difference for people with small basal rates. However,
> I want basal insulin more often than once an hour, and on a basal rate
> of .1/hr., I would get only 1 delivery per hour with the MM. My rates
> vary from .1 to .5. 
> Joan
> email @ redacted

How does the D do this?  At a basal rate of .1 U per hour it would 
have to be .005 unit every 3 minutes - and I wonder what kind of 
stepping motor they have that can increment that small and then also 
handle someone who has a rate of 2.5 per hour or .125 every three 
minutes.   The technology that is packed into these pumps is kind of 
impressive, especially when you consider the duty cycles that they 
get put through.   Viva Technology!

Randall Winchester

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