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Re: [IP] I woke up this morning

 What do(did) you eat prior to going to bed? Why is your night time basil rate
consistantly higher than any thru the day? I would expect the night-time basil
to be lower. For example, I maintain a basil rate of 0.4 from 22:00hrs until
03:00hrs, 0.6 from 03:00hrs until 06:00hrs, 0.8 from 06:00 until 07:00, this
is when I get up(06:00), then 0.9 from 07:00 until 09:00 and back down to 0.5
by 17:00 . One thing I have done to verify my basil rate at night is fasting
checks throughout the night. Don't eat prior to bedtime and wake every hour to
check. Especially on humalog. One explanation for your high morning BG may be
due to a rebound from a mid nightime low BG. Your body's reaction to a low is
to manufacture glycogen to combat it. This ability to release glycogen may be
what is varying and your riding too low through the night?? The only way to
verify this is to check it out. Maybe someone else has an opinion and can
comment, but I would define your basil rates to insure they are correct. I
hope this helps you.

Bill King