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Re: [IP] Going low

Karla... Did you get your purchase 10 cents cheaper or leave without it ? I
too get very cranky and always end up feeling worse after the ordeal.
Sometimes just the smallest thing will set me off. Thank God my wife has
learned to recognize this malady and sweet talks me into getting some carbs.
I'm sure there were times she wanted to repeat what you told the cashier.
When I'm too low, I'm very combative and resistant to any kind of help. Sugar
wears so many "hats" it got to be tough on everybody when these things
happen, especially the meaness. You already feel like crap then when you
start to recall the incident you really feel like crap ! One can only hope
that people understand and know that is not really you acting like that .
That's one of the ugly aspects of this disease we share.