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Re: [IP] Re: Complications


>     I can sympothise with you as I am having these problems right now. I
> went to my primary physition just yesterday and he prescribed something on
> the order of Naperson. I have trouble with both shoulders and he also
> prescribed at least 4 weeks physical therapy for that. I have had at least
> two heart attacks that I had to be hospitalized for and one that happened on
> the job when I was still almost able to work. At that time I just took off
> work and had my son drive me home.

Is that Naprosyn? I cannot take NSAIDs because of my nephropathy. 
Please be sure that you don't have any kidney damage before taking
Naprosyn on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some doctors don't know
that NSAIDs can make kidney function worse.

>     I have trouble with both of my shoulders same as you with my left one
> getting worse over the past few months. Dr. Sykes told me yesterday that
> arthuritis and diabetes go together and few diabetics don't have signs of it
> after two or three decades.

Arthritis is not the same as frozen shoulder/adhesive capulitis. Of
course, it may be arthritis that you have, but they are not the same.

>     I am on so much medication for heart disease and blood pressure that
> impotence is another problem. My doctor and I agree that is caused by the
> medications and the circulation problems. I still have all the desire but
> all the equipment is out of order. The wheel is turning but the hamster is d
> ead. I asked my physition what would happen if I discontinued all the
> medication and he told me "You would probably have a stroke." I concluded
> that was not an option.

Have you tried any of the several options that are available now?
A simple vacuum pump can make a difference for many men. 

>     I am patiently waiting for these new age doctors to perfect this new
> by-pass surgery where they do it laproscopically (sp?) My cardiologist  told
> me that it would be to my advantage to put off by-pass surgery until the
> last resort. He informed me that the survival rate for a redo on diabetics
> is real low. Time will tell. Good luck.

Good luck to you, too, Buddy.

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