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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic


You are correct!! Take the batteries out of you 2nd pump. There is no
advantage to usng both pumps and rotating other than the small amount of time
you may save when re-filling your empty pump. One tip that I do is fill as
many catridges as I can at one sitting and storing them upright in the
'fridge. This makes resetting the pump quicker and also allows most of the
annoying bubbles to rise up to the top. Another tip I found useful, although
I must caution you to use only in an emergency, is if you are out and away
from a new set-up, and don't have any other alternative than to rush away
home, disconnect your tubing and the cartridge, remove the cartridge and pull
back the plunger allowing air to fill the cartridge, then re-insert the
cartridge and attatch the tubing the air will push the insulin remaining in
the tube and allow 15-20 units of time for you to eat(possibly) and get back
to your supplies....fyi