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Re: [IP] tissue damage from pump use


    I've had a minimed for 16 years now and have, at times, had a good bit of
tissue damage.   I'm not very big and run out of sites quickly.  The old metal
needles contantly rubbed and irritated my stomach. On top of that, if I wore
tighter clothes they seemed to get continually infected.  That was somewhere
around 10-13 years ago.  The sof-set seems to minimize the tissue damage --
ocassionally sites seem like they were starting to get infected and then they are
hard for a few days and have damage for up to several months.  Those seem to
consistly disappear though.  The old scars on my stomach are mostly gone but a
bit there -- but they took much more abuse, the technology was quite new then.  I
only took pork insulin injections and by the time I had switched to the pump, my
thighs and tummy looked pretty bad anyway.  This is far less damage -- if the
pork shots caused 200% worth of damage, I'd say the old pump needles did about a
20% and the sof sets do about 1/2-1%.  I did most of this has a teenager and
college student and was perpetually mortified.  Now, I probably still wouldn't be
seen in a bikini but most of the flaws are me, not needle induced.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Thank you to all who gave their opinions about the different pumps.  I had
> asked a question last week and so far nobody has given me any insight to it.
>  I was wondering about tissue damage from long term pump use.  I know about
> the rotation of sites and I know of all the site possiblities.  Even with
> this, does a pumper run a higher risk of tissue damage than a diabetic on
> injections.  This is a question that I am going to ask my endo at my next
> appointment.  When I started on pump therapy in May of 1997 I had a endo that
> was "the pitts."  I "fired" his butt shortly after starting the pump and I
> now have a wonderful endo.  That doctor I first had didn't lay everything out
> on the table giving me the pros and cons of pumping compared to injections.
>  If anyone has heard about tissue damage or has had problems with it, please
> let me know.  Also, if you have damage is it reversible?
> Thanks
> Cindy <><