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Re: [IP] vitamins/Marathon


In a message dated 97-12-02 03:35:16 EST, you write:

> i'll be running in the california international marathon this sunday
>(12/7).  i don't test as frequently as you do.  on the 20 miler i just did 6
>times.  i keep my bg's at 180 -220.  are you more tightly controlled.  i am
>not yet on the pump so i've been decreasing my am injection.  do you use gu
>or power gel on your runs?  and last but not least any advice for foot care.
>i have a bruise under one toe nail.  i checked with the doc and had it ok'd.
>has that ever happened to you?

Great luck this Sunday in the California Marathon! Whats the course like and
where in CA is it? I'm running the Delaware marathon this Sunday also. I'm
really excited about it because I recovered so quickly from The Phila.
Marathon, I feel like I'm better positioned to "pop" a good one!  I'm
shooting for a 3:00hr to 3:10. and based on my training, I should be there.
You better send some good weather across the country to us! My BG in Phila.
was outstanding and yes, I'm on the pump.(D) My starting BG was 134 and 4
mileBG-135, 9 mile-107(turned pump off), 14 mile-112, 17 mile-69, 22
mile-189, after finish BG-117. I use Power-Bar and Power-Gel(especially Gel
when racing as its quicker and more easily consumed((no Chew)) ). I have
tried EVERTHING but this works best for me and is easy to carry. I can't say
more to you re: what the pump has ment to my running other than this is my
5th marathon in the year and a half of pumping! I hadn't run one in hte 14
years of diabetes and believe me, I would have if I could have achieved the
training reqirements. It has really empowered my ability to take care of
myself and given me so much confidence to run! It has also re-motivated me to
take great care of myself.
Regarding your foot, I have had some minor "contact/friction" type problems
from racing but these are standard things that heal with no problems as I
have no comprimised healing. I do know that "black-nail" is caused usually
from type or fit of shoe as well as stucture type of foot. I can only
recomend that you find a shoe type that allows more up front toe
room(Saucony) and make sure you have half the width of your thumb while
standing from the toe to the front of the shoe even if if feels big. Your
feet swell this much while running. Don't experiment until after your
marathon. Also, sock fit and type is extreamly important.

>thanks for the info.  i ordered a three month supply today.  i spoke to the
>salesman who told me that the pro health pak is chromium, mag chloride,
>willowbark (equiv to 1/2 baby aspirin), vit e and a multi vit.  have you
>compared the cost of the pak to the cost of buying each of these items
>separately?  also, the rep told me that it is lacking vit c just 60mg vs.
>500mg that seems to be recommended in many articles i've read.  thanks for
>your recommendation.  i'll let you know how i do with the pak.

Great, I was hoping to hear from some people using this suppliment. Let me
know what you think. I have looked into individual components included in
this package, but the cost and inconvienience of obtaining them makes this
product more attractive to me. I also expessed the lack of vit c in the
product to the company and I guess I can just add some myself. I think he
said they might look into adding some later or it wasn't in line with
anti-oxidant/insulin sensitivity? I forget!

Hey look..run smart and stay healthy..I'll look foward to hearing your
success in the marathon...YOU 'D MAN!

Bill King