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Re: [IP] FAQ on effects of menstruation

In a message dated 97-12-02 16:26:08 EST, you write:

> I'm still looking for the FAQ volunteer.  This is toughter than 
>  getting pledge money for public radio!

I suppose I could work on this,  it may be a simpler one to start with than
the Humalog one I have already said I will work on. I do have personal
experience in the area....

******** TO THE WOMEN ON THE LIST: *********
If you have experiences regarding insulin needs before, during and after
menstruation, as well as during and post menopause,  PLEASE EMAIL ME!!  You
can preserve your privacy as I know this is a sensitive issue by sending me
private email instead of sending to the whole group.  My address is
email @ redacted

I will try to compile your responses into general terms and will write
something for the website.  I believe this info would be quite useful and is
something I have wondered about for quite some time.  I will not identify you
by name so please don't be shy...

Thanks in advance!
Mary Jean