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Re: [IP] Re: Complications

>Regarding lessening of complications:
>After gaining good control, I saw many complications get better or go
>away. I don't attribute this to the pump as much as I attribute it to
>good control, but it's the pump that allowed me to achieve good control.
I would have to give the credit to the pump. . . .  Like you say the pump
was the cause of good control.
>I had extensive laser surgery in 1987 and 1988. My eyes have been
>stable since then, so I don't know if better control has made a
>difference there or not. (I started the pump in May '92.)
>I no longer have any noticeable symptoms of neuropathy. At one point,
>the pain in my feet was bad enough that I was on medication. There
>were areas of my body where I could not feel a caress, and I lost my
>ability to have orgasms. All that has changed. I have even recovered
>my ability to lubricate when sexually excited, although lubrication
>does not occur every time. (That's why Astroglide is in the bed-side
    I can sympothise with you as I am having these problems right now. I
went to my primary physition just yesterday and he prescribed something on
the order of Naperson. I have trouble with both shoulders and he also
prescribed at least 4 weeks physical therapy for that. I have had at least
two heart attacks that I had to be hospitalized for and one that happened on
the job when I was still almost able to work. At that time I just took off
work and had my son drive me home.
    I have trouble with both of my shoulders same as you with my left one
getting worse over the past few months. Dr. Sykes told me yesterday that
arthuritis and diabetes go together and few diabetics don't have signs of it
after two or three decades.
    I am on so much medication for heart disease and blood pressure that
impotence is another problem. My doctor and I agree that is caused by the
medications and the circulation problems. I still have all the desire but
all the equipment is out of order. The wheel is turning but the hamster is d
ead. I asked my physition what would happen if I discontinued all the
medication and he told me "You would probably have a stroke." I concluded
that was not an option.
>I still have frozen shoulder (adhesive capulitis), but it has not
>gotten any worse. I think it has improved somewhat, judging by my
>range of motion.
>I have not developed any new complications, and none of my current
>ones have become worse - with the exception of the kidney disease.
>However, it has progressed more slowly than anyone predicted.
>Sometimes, staying in the same place is progress. :-)
>email @ redacted
    I am patiently waiting for these new age doctors to perfect this new
by-pass surgery where they do it laproscopically (sp?) My cardiologist  told
me that it would be to my advantage to put off by-pass surgery until the
last resort. He informed me that the survival rate for a redo on diabetics
is real low. Time will tell. Good luck.

Buddy '-)