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Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

At 01:05 PM 12/2/97 -0500, Joan wrote in reply to George:

>One difference I haven't seen mentioned is the way basal insulin is
>delivered. With the D., you get basal insulin every 3 minutes, regardless
>of the size of your basal. The MM varies the time between basal infusions 
>and keeps the amount constant at .1 unit. At least, that was the case
>with the previous models. Has this changed? It probably doesn't make a
>lot of difference for people with large basal rates, and perhaps it
>doesn't make a difference for people with small basal rates. However,
>I want basal insulin more often than once an hour, and on a basal rate
>of .1/hr., I would get only 1 delivery per hour with the MM. My rates
>vary from .1 to .5. 

After 14 months on a MiniMed 506, I switched to a Disetronic H-TRONplus
V100 (last June). I have pumped Humalog since August of 1996, with the
exception of a two week period on Velosolin in September of this year.

I use low basal rates for long periods, and frequently use temporary basal
reductions of those amounts for extended exercise. I find the Disetronic
allows me to maintain a much more stable level of control with these lower
rates than I was able to achieve with the MM. This is one of the reasons I

I found with the MM I had to "monkey around" too much to make sure I did
not miss part of my basal delivery. For example, when I showered in the
morning, I would have to wait for the MM to deliver a stroke of the basal,
take my shower, then re-connect before I "missed" another stroke. My basals
at this time of day are frequently .2 per hour. If I was disconnected when
the MM "stroked", I missed 1/2 of my basal for that hour. With the
Disetronic, I don't worry, since there is a "scheduled delivery" every
three minutes ;-)

Just recently, I spent several days insulating my attic - normally a bummer
of a job. I set a temporary basal reduction of 70 % of the normal basal of
.2 units, and was able to maintain good level BGs during this entire time.
Some quick math shows that my basal during this period was .06 per hour. No
clogging, no erratic BGs afterwards, just good results.

I have had similar success with these low basals and temporary basal
reductions for lengthy exercise such as cross country skiing, golf, fly
fishing and snowshoeing. For me, there is a definite difference in results
with the Disetronic.

Everyone's mileage will vary I am sure, but for me, the difference is
Bob Burnett

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