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Re: [IP] 5-day sets

 And I already take my insulin about 5
>minutes before eating
>email @ redacted

    I did not do my homework so I don't know how long you have been pumping
but I will say too that I am using Velosulin and at times I wait until 5
minutes or so before taking a bolus. I always bolus at least thirty minutes
before breakfast and still have the same high rise after this morning meal.
If my BG is high at 5 AM from the night before it just makes it go that much
higher. The point I'm trying to make here is that as a general rule my BG
gets back down to normal before noon and as long as I don't do a two hour
test no one would ever know but me. These 200 BG's just don't affect me now
like they did before starting on the pump. This is my opinion and what I
have learned in the past 11 months. Right now I am satisfied with the
Velosulin. I feel so much improved from the days of NPH I can hardly believe
it. Someone said in the past day or so that after only a month or two they
would not go back to injecting, maybe Sissy? I told her that it would take
very little time to see the difference! Evidently I was right for once.
    I have just in the past couple of weeks purchased the book Pumping
Insulin and it is a fine tool. I have learned a lot from it in a short time.
I encourage anybody that don't have it to get it.
 I have since 1/6/97 convinced two other people to start pumping, they too
are amazed. Both of them are 18 to 25 years old and I went way out of my way
to show and tell them the advantages of pump therapy.

Buddy '-)