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Re: [IP] Re: Complications

Regarding lessening of complications:


After gaining good control, I saw many complications get better or go
away. I don't attribute this to the pump as much as I attribute it to
good control, but it's the pump that allowed me to achieve good control.

I had extensive laser surgery in 1987 and 1988. My eyes have been
stable since then, so I don't know if better control has made a 
difference there or not. (I started the pump in May '92.)

I no longer have any noticeable symptoms of neuropathy. At one point,
the pain in my feet was bad enough that I was on medication. There
were areas of my body where I could not feel a caress, and I lost my
ability to have orgasms. All that has changed. I have even recovered
my ability to lubricate when sexually excited, although lubrication
does not occur every time. (That's why Astroglide is in the bed-side

The thickening of the tendons in my hands has significantly lessened.

While my kidney disease is still with me, I believe that I would be
on dialysis by now if I had not achieved good control. My doctors
agree. I believe that good control has slowed the progression.

I still have frozen shoulder (adhesive capulitis), but it has not
gotten any worse. I think it has improved somewhat, judging by my
range of motion.

I have not developed any new complications, and none of my current
ones have become worse - with the exception of the kidney disease.
However, it has progressed more slowly than anyone predicted.

Sometimes, staying in the same place is progress. :-)

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