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Re: [IP] 5-day sets


> What insulin are you using?  I have heard that Humalog is more prone to
> site-degradation and hence requires more frequent changing.  I have only
> used Humalog in my pump so I cannot compare.  Occasionally, I can go 4-5
> days, but 3-4 is more normal.  I change as the sugars drift higher.
> Similarly, I have never had any infection, only some strong reactions to
> the prep wipe that I was using [Benzoine].

I use Velosulin. I tried Humalog for six weeks, but I was not happy
with it. On the third day of a set, I started getting variable blood
sugars, mostly high. I decided that Humalog isn't for me. I did not
like changing the set every three days. I wasn't getting better control
on Humalog, even when I changed the set every three days. I'm happy
with my A1c's on Velosulin. And I already take my insulin about 5
minutes before eating. I gave it a fair chance, I think, but Humalog
did not seem like a good trade-off for me.

I apologize - I should have mentioned that I'm not on Humalog when
I told you how long I use a set!

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