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Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

More clarification. :-)

> Joan,
> Point of clarification on your comparison.  MM is not "insured" for four
> years, it simply has a four year warranty should something happen to the
> pump.

I was not the one who said that.

> Likewise, Disetronic does not have to be "replaced" every two years, it has
> a two year warranty on each pump, four years total.

I was also not the one who said that.

I was the one who tried clarify the issues. Thanks for posting "from
the horse's mouth." :-)

> Hope this helps to clarify the issue of pump warranty.  I can get more in
> depth of the main differences in the pumps if you would like one, but I will
> warn you it will be a VERY lengthy message as there are, I believe, several
> important differences other than two pumps versus one and waterproof.

One difference I haven't seen mentioned is the way basal insulin is
delivered. With the D., you get basal insulin every 3 minutes, regardless
of the size of your basal. The MM varies the time between basal infusions 
and keeps the amount constant at .1 unit. At least, that was the case
with the previous models. Has this changed? It probably doesn't make a
lot of difference for people with large basal rates, and perhaps it
doesn't make a difference for people with small basal rates. However,
I want basal insulin more often than once an hour, and on a basal rate
of .1/hr., I would get only 1 delivery per hour with the MM. My rates
vary from .1 to .5. 

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