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[IP] Buddy's humor

In a message dated 97-12-02 01:30:12 EST, you write:

> Sometime I have to get Rosie, my better half, to give me directions like
>  of those fellows on the tarmack at the airport guiding 747 into the
>  space. <BIG GRIN>
>  Buddy '-)

LOL!!  Thanks for making me grin too!  Does she use a flashlight and wear ear
protection too?  I am conjuring up quite an image.  Sounds like you have a
wonderful wife.

Semi-seriously,  Minimed claims that the new sof-serter makes sites that were
previously "out-of -reach" available; but they need to have a gizmo to put on
all the tape and pull out the needle too!

I always enjoy your posts, 
Mary Jean