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Re: [IP] Treatment of pumps!

On  1 Dec 97 at 19:07, email @ redacted wrote:

> O.K. Buddy,
> I will get graphic and tell you why I'm such a goofball to have dropped my
> pump in the toilet three times.
> I wear just a teeshirt to bed with my undies underneath. Sometimes I don't
> even sleep with the shirt, so I clip the pump to my undies. Well, they aren't
> the biggest things you ever saw and sometimes the pump comes off. And when I
> get up in the middle of the night to go to the potty, I'm not with it too
> much. Then I got the idea to wear socks to bed and put the pump in my sock.
> Please don't get a mental picture of me in undies and socks! It is as funny
> looking as it sounds. But then again, I changed from the 42' tubing to the
> 24' tubing and now the sock thing isn't working either. I haven't dropped it
> in the potty in awhile, but I still don't have a great solution!!
> I think another reason I have dropped it is because I am so comfortable with
> it now that I forget it is there. I walk away from it on the bed or drop it
> when changing my clothes. The only thing now is that the tubing is short
> enough that it doesn't dangle.
> But I still have never pulled it out of the tummy!!
> And I was only kidding up top. I know you were not being mean to me. I still
> love ya!
> Karla

Have you looked at the "sleep thing" sold by MiniMed and Unique?  It 
looks like a cloth belt with a pocket on it and is made to give you a 
place to put your pump while you are asleep.

Randall Winchester

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