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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

A point of clarification on the Disetronic Pump:

The The H-Tron 100+ does have an internal timer that requires the patient to
send it in after two years.  This is a safety check.  It has nothing to do
with "it being broken, or needing to be fixed".  The company believes, that
with such a vital role in the patients therapy, the pump should be checked
after 2 yrs. The pump is checked, reset and sent back to the patient for
further use.  It is also true they provide 2 pumps over 1.  This is not
because they break.  It is so that every patient has a back up. It doesn't
matter whether it's Minimed or Disetronic, if you ask enough honest patients,
they'll tell you that it's possible for either pump to go down.