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[IP] I woke up this morning

Hello Friends
I woke up this morning with low bloodsuger (2.7 / 48). I'm using humalog
now. Yesterday my BG was 9 / 162 in the morning (it was 5.7 / 102 before I
went to bed the day before yesterday) and I have not change my basal doze.
I'm not calculation carb. but I it approx the same every night 

Is the humalog more unstable than Humalin/Regular?
Should I change back to regular insulin?

Please help me with this question!

Today I have headache. Sometimes I'm tired of Humalog, I can't get it to
work the same way every day. I think this was easier with Regular insulin.

My basal dose is 20IE / 24h.

My basal doze each hour from midnight
00-01:	0.8 IE/h
07-08:	1,1       I'm getting off my bed at this time.
08-09:	0,6

The rest of the day approx 0.7-0.9 IE/h