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[IP] Where to put the pump

Hello to all, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  In reading
through the 70 some messages today I saw several about where to put the
pump and thought I'd share one of my secrets.  You ladies, I have found
that it is convient to put the pump in the center of you bra (sorry
guys) it is hidden from view when dressing up(you know, no pockets or
waist band on most dresses) and no it is not uncomfortable if you wrap
it in a handkerchief or put it in a baby sock.  That is my favorit place
to keep it when I don't have a pocket. By the way, have you all ever
tried to find pajamas with pockets? I asked a sales clerk one time and
she thought I was crazy. She ask why would anyone need pockets when
sleeping.After a brief answer about the pump, she said she was sorry
that they didn't carry them and I left. Well just thought I'd leave my 2
	 I really enjoy this list but it is harder to keep up with it than it
was a month ago.  Welcome to all new pumpers. If you are trying to
decide to go on the pump or not.  GO FOR IT, YOU'LL WISH YOU HAD DONE IT