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Re: [IP] 5-day sets

What insulin are you using?  I have heard that Humalog is more prone to
site-degradation and hence requires more frequent changing.  I have only
used Humalog in my pump so I cannot compare.  Occasionally, I can go 4-5
days, but 3-4 is more normal.  I change as the sugars drift higher.
Similarly, I have never had any infection, only some strong reactions to
the prep wipe that I was using [Benzoine].

Joan Stout wrote:

> Randall wrote:
> > 5 day sets?  I only know of one person around here who tried going
> > beyond 3 days per infusion set and she ended up in the hospital with
> > a bad skin infection.  The doctors and both pump manufacturers talk
> > about using the needle sets for only two days and the  "soft sets"
> > for only three days.  Are you just leaving it in?  I'd think that
> the
> > long contact with insulin in one spot would increase the scarring
> and
> > "lump" formation in the fatty tissues.
> I use my sets for 10 days to two weeks. I change it at the first sign
> of redness at the site. I occasionally have a set that needs to be
> changed sooner, but those are very infrequent (maybe 2-3 a year). I've
> been pumping for five and a half years. I started with bent-needle
> sets,
> but I've been using Disetronic Tenders since they became available in
> the U.S. I used the bent-needle sets 10 days to two weeks, also. I've
> had two site infections, both in the first couple of months that I had
> my pump. One was due to a dirty hot tub, and the other was probably
> due
> to leaving the set in too long - this was when I was experimenting
> with how long I can use one set.
> I have not had any scarring or lumps or absorption problems. I have
> consistently used about 25 units per day since starting the pump. I
> recently started seeing a new endo. She checked the sites on my
> abdomen, both visually and by touch. She was amazed at how good they
> looked, and she said that it's obvious I change my infusion sets
> every few days. She was even further amazed when I told her how long
> I use one set. She said that she wouldn't even try to argue with
> success, but please not to tell her other patients. :-)
> As someone else mentioned in this thread, I do not do anything special
> with the site  - no site prep or anything like that.
> Another case of "your mileage may vary." :-)
> Joan
> email @ redacted