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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

Referencing your comment about batteries, I inserted batteries in both
pumps when I purchased them two weeks ago, and have been rotating the pumps
each time my reservoir empties, maintaining the clock, and all other
settings in each pump, even the "dormant" one.  So, if I understand
correctly, both my pump's alarms for "service return" will go off at
virtually the same time, in about two years, if I do not start removing the
batteries from my dormant pump?

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> From: Thewilsonfamily <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic
> Date: Monday, December 01, 1997 9:25 PM
> Joan,
> Point of clarification on your comparison.  MM is not "insured" for four
> years, it simply has a four year warranty should something happen to the
> pump.
> Likewise, Disetronic does not have to be "replaced" every two years, it
> a two year warranty on each pump, four years total.  Keep in mind if you
> rotate pumps with Disetronic on a monthly or annual basis, you will get
> years.  Also, this is based on actual usage, not pump life.  The clock
> ticks when batteries are in the pump.  The pump does not need replacing
> until a patient/physician agree that feature of a new technology will
> warrant an upgrade.  Also, a FREE technical safety inspection is offered
> any time the user requests one.
> Hope this helps to clarify the issue of pump warranty.  I can get more in
> depth of the main differences in the pumps if you would like one, but I
> warn you it will be a VERY lengthy message as there are, I believe,
> important differences other than two pumps versus one and waterproof.
> George Wilson
> Disetronic Rep, NC
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> From: Joan Stout <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
> Date: Monday, December 01, 1997 12:45 PM
> Subject: Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic
> >
> >> F. MM507 is insured for 4 years - and could (at least that's what
> >> they say in MiniMed) last for a very long time, while H100 MUST be
> >> replaced after two years.
> >> (this is also a disadvantage since you'll probably want to keep up to
> >> technology while it advance, and it's easier to do with H100)
> >
> >
> >Not exactly. You get two pumps from Disetronic, each with a 2-year
> >warranty, so you have 4 years of warranty. Each pump goes back to
> >Disetronic at the end of 2 years. Disetronic does a service check
> >on it. If there are no problems, they re-set the pump for 2 more
> >years and send it back to you. If there are problems, they fix the
> >problem or send you a new pump.
> >
> >The head of tech support at Disetronic told me that Swiss law requires
> >the 2-year checkup. (Disetronic is a Swiss company, and the pumps are
> >made in Switzerland.) Rather than re-figuring the pumps that are sold
> >in the States, they decided to keep the 2-year inspection plan. Then
> >they decided to provide 2 pumps so the warranty would be competitive
> >with MiniMed.
> >
> >Joan
> >email @ redacted
> >
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