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Re: [IP] Re: changing insurance coverage

As long as "pre-existing" conditions are covered, it is quite easy to get
coverage!  I've found it much much much easier than trying to get anything new
or a newer version of the Minimed.  BUT, it is often difficult to get anyone to
understand what you are trying to get and they get confused as to how to
order/cover it.  So, what has happened to me (i've had 6 insurance policies in
the past 4 years due to employment changes) is that once they've figured out how
the process works it works.  The first time is hell!!  Just order your supplies
long before you actually need them and make sure you talk to someone at both the
insurance company and the provider (i.e. doctor's medical group).  Get their
name and write down exactly what they said.  Get as high up in the system as you
possibly can and insist on having your MD or nurse talk to the Nurse Case
Manager personally if they refuse you.  It's a horrible horrible bureacracy
problem but it is not a coverage problem.  Problems have been virtually
identical with different BlueCross policies, Aetna, Prudential, now Kaiser
although Kaiser seems a bit easier.


email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 12/1/97 2:57:53 AM, Forrest wrote:
> >Does anyone have any experience of switching insurance carriers
> >while already on the pump.  One of my concerns is since I have COBRA
> >coverage right now, if I start with another employer who offers me
> >different coverage (which is most likely) that it will automatically
> >just kick in (or at all) and cover those expensive pump supplies?
> Most employer plans cover "pre-existing conditions" on newly hired employees
> but the only real way to check is to inquire during your interview.